The Kentucky Association of School Superintendents is seeking an Executive Director. The duties for this position can be found in the job description below.

Job Title – Executive Director

Application deadline – October 31, 2018

Term – Beginning July 1, 2019 ?(A successful candidate may negotiate an earlier start date as early as January 1, 2019.)

Days of employment – Up to 220

Salary – Up to average Kentucky School Superintendent Salary

Note – This position does not include retirement benefits.


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Position: Executive Director


Rank 1 degree or higher in Educational Leadership / Administration or a related field from an accredited institution; appropriate educational and administrative background; proven competence in personnel and financial administration; demonstrated knowledge of educational issues; experience as a superintendent for a minimum of four years.

Organizational Responsibility

The Executive Director serves as the chief administrative officer of the Association, reports to the Executive Committee and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the organization’s strategic plan. The Executive Director works with the Executive Committee to provide direction to and gather input for the Board. The Executive Director serves as the authorized representative for the organization under the authorization of the board.

Leadership Skills and Capacities

1. Demonstrates a strong overall perspective on the global, state and local issues of public education.

2. Possesses historical and current knowledge of effective practices in advancing k-12 education.

3. Demonstrates capacity to guide the Executive Board in strategic academic visioning and planning.

4. Demonstrates capacity to provide experience-based mentorship to superintendents regarding school and district management.

5. Demonstrates the ability to assist individual local school superintendents in problem-solving issues in the local school district, concerns with city/town government, and individual contract issues.

6. Demonstrates the ability to comprehend and synthesize data and a wide range of opinions in leading the Association to develop strong positions on matters of importance to public education in Kentucky.

7. Possesses the background and skills in the public sector to work with the Executive and Legislative branches of state government.

8. Demonstrates skills in consensus building and timing within group meetings.

9. Demonstrates the ability to serve as an articulate, authorized representative for the Association, maintain appropriate external relations (ex: K-groups, state Chamber of Commerce, Legislators, Education Co-ops …) and promote the Association’s position on a variety of issues.

10. Exhibits capacity to serve as a liason to the Kentucky Board of Education, stays knowledgeable of current agenda items and attends KBE meetings as directed by the Executive Board.

11. Demonstrates current knowledge of key issues in Kentucky public education including public school finance, special education, assessment and accountability, and collective bargaining.

12. Demonstrates ability to establish and provide leadership to the Association’s Executive Committee and other committees of the Association.

13. Demonstrates ability to maintain effective liaison between the Kentucky Department of Education and public school superintendents on major areas of concern such as instruction, curriculum, assessment, accountability and school finance.

14. Demonstrates the necessary technology skills to facilitate internal and external communication and manage the affairs of the Association.

Primary Job Responsibilities

1. Enhance member skills as leaders of learning.

a. Stay current with effective models of schooling through reading, conference attendance and school visits.

b. Lead the organization in creation and implementation of a Strategic Plan.

c. Model leadership skills for the members.

d. Coordinate with committee members, staff, and other entities in the development and delivery of quality professional development opportunities for all KASS members aligned to the KASS Strategic Plan.

e. Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Committee and/or Board.

2. Advocate for KASS members and the welfare of Kentucky’s learners.

a. Act as the authorized representative of the Association.

b. Ensure KASS’s representation at all key educational meetings.

c. Regularly attends all education co-op meetings.

d. Coordinate with committee members, legislative committee, the Board and other entities in the development and enactment of KASS’s annual legislative platform. e. Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Committee and/or Board

3. Operate an efficient and effective professional association.

a. Serve as CEO for the Association.

b. Support KASS members with organizational/operational issues as needed.

c. Be responsible for the management of all association funds.

d. Be responsible for the development, implementation, and revision of all association policies.

e. Provide updates to membership at the direction of the Board. (This may include weekly updates during the legislative session.)

f. Facilitate development of Executive Committee and Board agendas and serve as ex-officio member to Executive Committee and Board.

g. Oversee efforts to involve KASS members on a variety of committees.

h. Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Committee and/or Board.


Process to apply for the position

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Application – should include resume, letter of interest, and approximate 500 word each response to the three following questions:

  • Tell us the story of how you have led a district through the visioning, planning and accomplishment of organizational goals.
  • Tell us a story of your greatest accomplishment as an educational leader.
  • Tell us a story of how you enlisted multiple constituents to accomplish a shared aspiration.

Application packets in a PDF format should be submitted to Tom Shelton via email at


The KASS does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.