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 Sept. 2014 – Supporting Teachers in the PGES Student Growth Goal Component: What Principals Most Need to Know


Materials from the 2014 KASS Summer Conference

June 19 keynote presenter, Dr. Lauri Leeper


Materials from the 2013 KASS Summer Conference

PowerPoint Presentation of keynote presenter, Dr. Mark Edwards (80MB – Note: This is a very large file that may take several minutes to load. Please be patient as it does so.)


Materials from the Fall 2012 Regional Sessions featuring the Research of Dr. John Hattie

  1. Ainsley Rose PPT (PowerPoint, 3MB Download)
  2. KDE PPT How It All Fits Together (PowerPoint, 3.6MB Download)
  3. KDE PD360 Alignment to Hattie Research (PDF, 215KB)
  4. KDE PD360 Alignment to Common Core (PDF, 299KB)


Brian McNulty Presentation June 14, 2012

  1. Dr. McNulty’s PowerPoint – “Building Leadership Capacity: The Principal’s Role as the Fulcrum for Improvement” (11MB)
  2. PLC/Data Team Meeting Components Rubric (60K)
  3.  Pasifika (New Zealand) videos for Effective Teaching


Brian McNulty Presentation December 6, 2011 (2.3MB)

At the 2011 Summer Conference of the KY Association of School Superintendents on June 23, 2011, a presentation entitled “Effective Grading Practices: Creating a Compelling Care for Improvement” was presented by Steven Ventura of the Leadership and Learning Center, Englewood, CO.
The following items were presented at the Kentucky Superintendent’s Network session on Feb. 4, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. They are the presentations of Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director of the Council of Chief State School Officers and of Steve Ventura of the The Leadership and Learning Center.

These documents were posted February 5, 2011 and are made available here for anyone who has an interest in improving education.

Getting Ready for the Common Core Handbook – A Collaborative Project Between the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents and the Leadership and Learning Center.

Common Core State Standards Initiative – PowerPoint Presentation of Gene Wilhoit, Exec. Director, CCSSO (1.4MB)

From What to How: Implications for  District Leaders While Implementing the Common Core – Presentation of Steve Ventura, The Leadership and Learning Center (6.4MB)