Welcome to the website of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents and those interested in superintendent issues in Kentucky. KASS is a statewide, non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to responding to the unique needs of Kentucky’s 173 superintendents in their pursuit of successful schools and academic excellence for the children of Kentucky. Through leadership, and service, KASS partners with Kentucky’s superintendents and their districts by:

  • Influencing state and federal educational policy and legislation
  • Facilitating professional networking, promoting mentoring and collegial support
  • Providing professional assistance and information
  • Conducting professional conferencing to enhance professional development
  • Sustaining a professional relationship with other professional education organizations to advance the cause of education in Kentucky.

We have attempted to compile a web site that has information unique to superintendent needs; one that will keep superintendents abreast of current issues, make district information readily available, provide calendar information, supply superintendents with job information, and provide links to other organizations that provide services to our schools. Be sure to take a tour of our site which includes a district and superintendent directory, listing of regional board members, various links to other agencies and KASS mission.


KASS & Education Partners Address Pension Reform

Read the Shared Responsibility Plan, which was developed by KASS and its education partners.

Download our COLA Suspension Calculator to see how the proposed COLA changes would affect your retirement income.

Watch the Facebook Live video from the joint news conference held by several education organizations on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 at Woodford County High School.

Watch the Spectrum News Pure Politics interview with KASS Executive Director Tom Shelton.