Early History

The entity now known as the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS) was formed in April, 1949, though it remained closely associated with its parent organization, the Kentucky Education Association (KEA) where it had existed as the “division of superintendency”.  The new association was called the Kentucky Association of School Administrators; however, the membership consisted only of superintendents and assistant superintendents.  Its first constitution was adopted in November, 1949, and Dr. Ralph Cherry served as its first president from November, 1949, until April, l951.  Thereafter presidents served from April to April of each year until a new constitution was adopted in April, 1956, and Mr. Claude Farley became the only president to serve two terms.

KASS Presidents: 1949-1969

1949-51Dr. Ralph Cherry, Owensboro Independent
1951-52Mr. Roy True, Franklin County
1952-53Dr. Omer Carmichael, Louisville Independent
1953-54Mr. Carlos Oakley, Union County
1954-55Mr. Cornelius R. Hager, Jessamine County
1955-56Mr. Claude Farley, Pike County
1956-57Mr. Claude Farley, Pike County
1957-58Mr. James B. DeWeese, Graves County
1958-59Dr. J. W. Gregory, Lancaster Independent
1959-60Dr. John Ridgeway, Lexington, Independent
1960-61Mr. Richard VanHoose, Jefferson County
1961-62Mr. Ted Crosthwait, Bardstown Independent
1962-63Dr. W.R. McNeill, Bowling Green Independent
1963-64Mr. Alton Ross, Oldham County
1964-65Mr. Earl Jones, Maysville Independent
1965-66Mr. William C. Shattles, Ashland Independent
1966-67Mr. Fred Taylor Burns, Daviess County
1967-68Dr. James B. Graham, Nelson
1968-69Dr. Newman Walker, Louisville

Umbrella Organization Created

In April, 1969, the constitution was again revised and the association’s membership base expanded.  At this time the organization became the umbrella association, the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) with principals the first new category to be admitted to membership.  For the first time, a president was chosen who was not a school superintendent at the time of election, Mr. Samuel Alexander, Assistant Superintendent for Public Instruction.  He was followed by Mr. Oran Teater, Superintendent of the Paintsville Independent Schools and Dr. Martin Carr, Superintendent of the Harrison County Schools.  There are no records of a separate association for school superintendents from April, 1969, until 1972-73, when Mr. William Birdwell was elected president of KASS and Mr. Michael Speck, DPP, Hardin County Schools, served as president of KASA.

KASS Presidents: 1972-Present

1972-73Mr. William Birdwell, Simpson County
1973-74Mr. Ernest White, Clark County
1974-75Mr. Hugh "Buddy" Adams, Jessamine County
1975-76Mr. Bobby Chaney, Williamstown Independent
1976-77Mr. Logan Perry, Russell Independent
1977-78Dr. George Overstreet, Woodford County
1978-79Dr. Fred Williams, Ft. Thomas Independent
1979-80Dr. Doug Cole, Boyd County
1980-81Mr. Tom Vinson, Trigg County
1981-82Mr. Tom Vinson, Trigg County
1982-83Mr. James Dotson, Pike County
1983-84Mr. Reed Conder, Marshall County
1984-85Mr. Harold Holbrook, Carter County
1985-86Dr. Dan Branham, Beechwood Independent
1986-87Mr. Bob Buchanan, Ballard County
1987-88Dr. Steve Towler, Hardin County
1988-89Dr. Robert Arvin, Oldham County
1989-90Mr. Clifford Wallace, Pendleton County
1990-91Mr. Charles Campbell, Simpson County
1991-92Dr. Ronald Walton, Fayette County
1992-93Dr. Owen Collins, Pendleton County
1993-94Dr. Leon Mooneyhan, Shelby County
1994-95Mr. Kenneth Shadowen, Marshall County
1995-96Mr. Michael King, Letcher County
1996-97Mr. Richard Bowling, Leslie County
(Mr. Bowling passed away while serving term)
1997-98Mr. Victor Johnson, Nelson County
1998-99Mr. Bobby Miller, Graves County
1999-2000Mr. Eugene Binion, Elliott County
2000-01Mr. Bert Minton, Pulaski County
2001-02Mr. Bernard Sandfoss, NKEC
2002-03Mr. Grover Canty, Ohio County
2003-04Mr. John Paul Amis, Perry County
2004-05Mr. David Baird, Eminence Independent
2005-06Mr. Steve Knight, Marshall County
2006-07Mr. Dale Brown, Warren County
2007-08Mr. Roger Marcum, Marion County
2008-09Ms. Kelley Fern Ransdell, Fleming County
2009-10Mr. Brady Link, Christian County
2010-11Mr. Stu Silberman, Fayette County
2011-12Mr. Jerry Green, Pikeville Independent
2012-13Dr. Dorothy Perkins, Gallatin County
2013-14Dr. Jim Flynn, Simpson County Schools
2014-15Dr. Anthony Strong, Pendleton County Schools
2015-16Dr. Henry Webb, Floyd County Schools
2016-17Dr. Rachel Yarbrough, Webster County
2017-18Mr. Bo Matthews, Barren County
2018-19Dr. Randy Poe, Boone County
2019-20Dr. James Neihof, Shelby County
2020-21Dr. Casey Allen, Ballard County
2021-22Dr. Houston Barber, Frankfort Independent
2022-23Mr. Rob Clayton, Warren County